Decorated Office That Is Perfect For A Bubbling Water Fountain

Many of our customers have purchased our bubbling water fountains specifically for use in their homes. There’s no denying that our bubble fountains are a great addition to any home, but if you haven’t already considered it, we would like to go over a few reasons why you could benefit from having a bubbling water fountain inside your office, as well. Regardless of whether it’s your home office or your personal office inside your workplace, a bubble fountain can offer you many advantages.

  • Our bubbling water fountains add a Zen element to any space. This leads to you feeling more calm and relaxed, and like you’re in a more serene environment. Sometimes, you may feel that you’re a little overly stressed during work hours, and a bubbling water fountain can help!
  • Different colors have been shown to have different effects on people. For example, purple is associated with making people feel more creative, and yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and energy. Every model of our bubble fountains comes with LED lights and a remote to control the lighting settings. With this, you can change your bubbling fountain to any color you choose, and may find that the different colors effect your mood, leading to better job performance!
  • Adding your own décor pieces to your office will help to make the space feel more like your own! Not only that, but it will add personalization and character. As an added bonus, if you choose to, you can even have your own custom design etched into the front of the bubble panel!

Do you have a bubbling water fountain in your office? Can you think of any other unique places to add a bubble fountain, that others may not have thought of? Let us know on Twitter or in the comment section below!