If you’re thinking about purchasing a bubble water wall, you may already know exactly where you want to mount it. If not, we’ve come up with a few ideas of places in your home where we think a bubble panel would fit perfectly!

Empty Space To Hang A Bubble Water Wall Above BedA living room is a fairly common place where our customers like to place their bubble panels, and in a living room, you have several different options. Normally, there is a lot of empty wall space above a sofa, so that could work! Also, if you have some space above a fireplace, that is another terrific option. Lastly, many living rooms have a wall or two that is completely bare. Do not hesitate to mount your bubblewall there!

Empty Space Above Chest To Mount Bubble PanelAnother popular location for a bubble panel is a bedroom! Since our bubble panels come with LED lighting, a bedroom is a perfect place for them, because it can provide a bit of light at bedtime. This is especially great for children who do not like being in total darkness! Mounting it above your bed is a great option, but if you want it to be somewhere where you can see it from your bed, you may choose to mount it above a chest or a dresser.

Empty Space In Basement Bar For Bubble PanelsLastly, another great place to mount your bubble water wall is in a basement bar or game room. These are places that already have a fun and relaxing atmosphere, and a bubble panel would make an amazing addition! It would look great on any empty wall space that you have in either of those rooms.

Where are you planning to mount your bubble water wall, and which model have you selected? We would love to see photos after you have it installed! Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’d be more than happy to share your pictures with our followers to give them more interior design inspiration!