NEW: Bubble Fountains With LED Smart Phone Controller

We have some exciting news for all of you! As you probably know, our bubble walls have always had an LED lighting system. However, until now, the lighting was controlled by a remote control that came with the bubble fountain, free of charge. Recently, we’ve added another option. If you choose to, you can now purchase a 300WM or 500WM bubble fountain that is Smart Phone controlled! The price of your bubble fountain will increase by $50, and this is something that is available with both iPhone and Android phones.

Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages. You can about those more in depth on our guide, LED Bubble Wall with Smart Phone Lighting Controller. One of the biggest differences is that if you choose to go with the Smart Phone controlled option, you will need to be connected to WiFi. Another unique aspect about using the Smart Phone app, is that you will now have the ability to sync your bubble fountain to music! This is something we have been asked about in the past, and we’re so happy that we’re now able to provide you with a feature you requested.

We hope that you’re excited as we are! Remember, this is a feature that is only optional. So, if you’d rather stick with the remote control we’ve always used in the past, that is perfectly fine! You will have the ability to choose between the options before purchase. Currently, it is not possible to have a bubble  fountain with both a standard remote and a Smart Phone controller. If you have any further questions about our bubble fountain lighting or how the app works, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re always available and ready for your questions via email or Facebook!