Modern Decor Perfect For Bubble Panel

We know that many of our potential customer’s have chosen to decorate their home in the modern and contemporary design styles. If you haven’t purchased one of our bubble panels already, you may be asking yourself if it would go well with your current home decor. Our answer to that? Absolutely! Our bubble panels are incredibly modern, and here are a few ways that they could easily mix in with your modern decor.

  • Silver accent pieces are incredibly common in the modern decor style. Neutral colors, such as black and white, are commonly used, as well. Most of our bubble panel models come with silver frames. On a few of them, you have the option of getting a black frame. Both of these colors, as well as the aluminum material, are perfect for a contemporary home!
  • Minimalist and simplistic design is also something that tends to go hand-in-hand with modern decor. With other wall decor, you may find that it is too bulky or abstract for your design needs. Our bubble panels are only 2” in depth, which makes them incredibly low-profile, lightweight, and close to the wall.
  • Being modern is also about new trends, and innovative technology. Our bubble panels are definitely a very unique piece of decor that your guests will not see everywhere. Recently, we’ve added the ability to use your Smart Phone to control the LED lighting system on a couple of our bubble panel models. This is a new, exciting feature you will not find with other bubble panels available online!

Bubble panels can be incredibly versatile, and while we’ve explained how easily you could mix them with modern decor, there are a number of decor styles they could just as easily fit into! How have you chosen to design your home, and which room could you best envision adding a bubble panel?