Little Girl Meditating Creating Zen

There are an unlimited number of reasons why people become stressed, and this happens to people of all ages. It’s always important to find things that can combat these types of problems, and we’ve heard from our customers time and time again, that our bubble walls tend to be great stress relievers! Below, we’ve listed a few different ways that our bubble walls can help your children reduce stress.

  1. These bubble walls create dancing bubbles inside their bubble panels. Sometimes, all we ever need is to be left alone in a quiet room, and given something relaxing to look at. Our bubble walls are perfect for that, as most people find them to be quite mesmerizing!
  2. Studies have shown that different colors have different effects on people. Another amazing benefit to owning one of our bubble walls, is that you are able to change the colors of the bubble wall to any color you like with the use of an included remote control (or with an app on your Smart Phone, if you choose). Green is said to be the most relaxing color to the eye, so you may choose that color if you’re feeling particularly stressed.
  3. White noise is created when our bubble walls are pumping air into the bubble panel. Not only will your children be able to enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water, but it will also help to drown out other noises that may be disturbing them. You may even find that your children fall asleep more quickly when they’re able to listen to the sounds of the bubble wall while they sleep.

Bubble walls aren’t just a great fit for children. Anyone will find that they start to feel a little less stressed when in the presence of a bubble wall! What are some other things you do to alleviate stress and create more of a Zen-filled atmosphere?