Why You Need A Bubble Wall In Your Salon

Inside Of A Salon

Over the past several years, the salon industry has been growing. Twenty years ago, it was rare that a salon owner retired as a multi-millionaire, but these days, it is becoming increasingly common. Salon owners have become more entrepreneurial, savvy, innovative, and perhaps most importantly, creative. A bubble wall would make an incredibly unique and creative addition to any space, but here a few ways it could help a salon owner.

  • Creating a Zen atmosphere is important to many “salon-trepreneurs,” and a bubbling water fountain is perfect for that. All bubble water features tend to make an area feel more peaceful and serene. They give you the feeling of being closer to the water, and being more connected to the earth.
  • More and more people are opening their own salons, which is only causing competition to grow. A bubble panel is the perfect, attention-grabbing piece, that will ensure that you’re able to attract more customers, rather than have them stolen by the salon across the street.
  • Bubble walls can take a salon from ordinary to extraordinary! If your salon is one of the first in your area to add a bubbling water fountain, it will certainly help you stand out from the crowd! It’s important to create a positive, unique, and relaxing experience for your customers, and a bubble wall will do just that!

Have you found success by adding a bubble wall to your salon? Let us know! If you’re a salon owner and need more help choosing the perfect bubble panel for your space, take a look at this post or feel free to reach out to us!