Three Ways A Bubbling Water Fountain Can Attract An Audience At A Tradeshow

Large Crowd At Tradeshow

Tradeshows can be extremely crowded, and with so many different companies and brands to compete with, it can sometimes be a challenge to create much of an audience at your booth. Tradeshow displays are important, and it is vital that you have a display that stands out among the sea of other displays. After all, getting them to visit your booth is the first step in selling them your product or service.

  1. Creating wall bubbles is a fantastic way to grab everyone’s attention. A bubbling water fountain is not something that people see every day, and by adding one to your display, you will be adding color-changing, dancing bubbles to your booth. Not many, if any, other vendors will have this, which will ensure that everyone will be very interested in seeing what you have to offer.
  2. Not only do our bubble fountains change colors, but you can also change the LED lighting to have something similar to a strobe light effect. It would be incredibly hard for anyone not to notice this! In fact, you can customize your lighting however you like! You can set it to fade from red to blue, or whichever colors suit your display the best.
  3. You can have your logo custom engraved on your bubble panel! Adding this is very quick and easy on your part. If you would like more information on how to order a custom bubble wall, check out our video here.

200FS 400SP And 450SP Bubbling Water Fountain

If you’re unsure which model to go with, our 200FS is a smaller, tabletop model, and one of the most easily portable units. However, if you’re more of a DIYer, and are interested in created a custom unit, the 400SP or 450SP may be more your style.

Have you had success using a bubbling fountain during a tradeshow? What other tips and tricks do you have for creating a larger audience? Leave a comment below!