Why You Need A Bubbling Water Fountain In Your Home

Since we’re having a bubblewall giveaway at the moment, a lot of our viewers may be new to the page. We hope you’re enjoying Bubblewall.com, and that you’ve had a chance to look around at some of our different bubble wall models. You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need a bubble wall?” We completely understand! A lot of people don’t even know what a bubble wall is. Let alone, know the benefits of having one in their home. We’ve outlined a few of the biggest benefits below.

Zen Rocks On WaterWe mention Zen a lot on this site, but it’s true! Bubbling water fountains create a more relaxing and calming environment, as do many other types of bubble water features. It’s not only the visuals, but the sounds, as well. Our bubble walls are not loud, but there is a soothing sound that is created from the air bubbles being pushed through the water. It’s a bit like white noise, and can help drown out other sounds in the area that may not be as pleasant.

Moisture In The Air
Humidifiers are great and have many advantages! Especially, in the winter months. By adding moisture to the air in your home, bubbling water fountains have a similar effect. This can help with dry, itchy skin, dry eyes, and sore throats.

300WMB Bubbling Water Fountain

Bubble walls produce negative ions, and remove dust and other irritants from the air. In a way, they are similar to air purifiers. However, much like a humidifier, air purifiers usually aren’t that aesthetically pleasing. Bubble walls, on the other hand, tend to become a mesmerizing focal point in any room that they’re placed in!

If you already have a bubble wall, feel free to join in, in the comment section below! What are some of the biggest advantages you’ve found? What is your favorite thing about having a bubbling water fountain?