Doctor's Office Decor

Having anxiety or a feeling of nervousness upon entering a doctor’s office is extremely common. This can be true even if you’re only there for a standard checkup! The addition of a bubbling water fountain is something that we think would make a great addition in a doctor’s office, and here are a few reasons why.

Time To Relax Drawn In Sand

Relaxing – A significant portion of our customers purchase their bubbling water fountains to relieve stress. This is a product that adds Zen to a room, and is able to turn a space into a tranquil and serene environment! This could be especially beneficial in a place like a doctor’s office, where some people tend to be a little nervous.

Branding – With all of our bubbling water fountain models, you have the option of getting a custom logo etched into the front panel. This is a great way to make the bubble panel more your own, and while it will most definitely stand out in your office, a custom logo is something that will help it stand out even more!

Creating A Memory – If you have a bubbling water fountain in your doctor’s office, it is likely that your patients will see it as soon as they enter, and right as their leaving. This will create a mental picture and a lasting impression, so that they will easily remember why they’ve chosen you as their doctor!

Lighting Effects – Studies have shown that different colors can affect people’s moods differently. For example, green is said to be the color that is most relaxing to the eye, and blue has a tendency to make people feel calm. With all of our bubbling water fountains, you can control the LED lights via remote control, or if you choose, you can purchase one with a smartphone app that allows you control the lighting through your cell phone!

Have you ever seen a bubbling water fountain inside a doctor’s office? The trend is starting to catch on, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Let us know in the comment section below.

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