How To Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

It’s easy to grow bored of the décor in any room of your home, even if it was once a room that you absolutely loved. This is especially true in a bedroom, as it’s the room that you fall asleep in every night, and wake up in every morning. It can be quick and easy to give your bedroom a makeover, and make it feel like a brand, new space! Below, we’ve put together a few things you could add to change things up a bit.

Bubble Panel

Bubble Panels – These are not only mesmerizing to the eye, but a bubble panel adds Zen to a room, and helps you to feel more calm and relaxed! Not only that, but our bubble panels come with a remote controlled lighting system, which can help to add a bit of light to your bedroom! You will find that adding a bubble panel filled with dancing, glowing bubbles is one of the best ways to give your bedroom a makeover.

Curtains In Bedroom

Curtains – Adding curtains with a vibrant color or a fun pattern is a simple way to change the vibe in your bedroom! You could even get a new curtain rod that helps to spice things up! Obviously, the most common place to add curtains is over a window, but you could also get creative and hang them behind your bed.

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Headboard – If you don’t already have a headboard, adding one can drastically change the look of your bedroom! There are many, many different styles to choose from, and if you’re more of a DIYer, you could even make one yourself using reclaimed wood or fabric and canvas. Just take a quick look on Pinterest for ideas!

Black Accent Wall

Accent Wall – Make one of your bedroom walls a focal point! This can easily be achieved by painting it a different color than the others, or by adding wall paper. If you’re especially artistic, you could also paint a mural across one wall.

What are some of the ways you’ve changed the décor in your bedroom? We’d love to see your makeovers! If you have photos, post them to Instagram with the hashtag #bubblewallmakeover, and we’ll be sure to check them out!