bubble-fountain smartphone app

If you’ve browsed around our website very much, you may have already noticed that we create SmartPhone controlled bubble fountains. Currently, this is available on a few different models, but soon it will be available on all of them! The SmartPhone controller gives you access to all of the different lighting options, where you can change the colors, brightness and fading effects. This is available on both iPhone and Android phones, and before now, all of our bubble walls came with an included remote control. If you’re looking for a bubble fountain that is controlled by an app on your SmartPhone, we’ve highlighted the different models below.

bubble-fountain 300wm

300WM Bubble Fountain – This bubble fountain measures at 30” (high) x 18” (wide) x 1.5” (deep), and like all of our wall-mounted units, it will easily mount to your wall surface like a picture frame. The one in the picture has a silver frame, but we also offer one with a black satin finished frame. This is a bubble fountain that will provide you with years of enjoyment with very little maintenance. Click here to see a video of the 300WM bubble fountain and all of it’s incredible lighting features!

bubble-fountain 500wm

500WM Bubble Fountain – The 500WM bubble fountain is slightly larger than the 300WM, with it’s dimensions being 45” (wide) x 21” (high) x 2” (deep). If you have more wall space available, this could very well be the bubble fountain for you! Like the 300WM, you also have the option of choosing between a silver frame, or one that is a satin finished black frame. You will find that either one will add a great amount of Zen to your space! Here is the video for the 500WM. Which do you prefer?!

If you’re interested in learning more about the SmartPhone app, click here. Is there another bubble fountain model that you’d like to see this feature added to? Let us know in the comment section below! Be sure to “like” our Facebook page, and we will make a post as soon as this feature becomes available on our other bubble fountains!