three bubbling water fountains

Our customers place their bubbling water fountains in many different places, including businesses, offices, bedrooms, basement bars, and game rooms, to name a few spots. However, one of the most common places that they place these unique pieces of home décor, is in their living rooms. A living room is a great space to add a bubbling water fountain, as it is a room in your home that your guests will most likely see! With our wide variety of different bubbling water fountain models, you may have a hard time deciding which model is most suitable for your particular living room. We’re here to help!

bubbling water fountain with purple lights

500WM – For a horizontal space, we recommend our model 500WM bubbling water fountain. It is one of our larger units, and measures at 45” (W) x 21” (H) x 2” (D). With the 500WM, you can either get it with the standard, silver frame, or if black is more your color, we also offer it with a black frame! Another cool feature that’s available on this model, is the LED color changing lighting SmartPhone app. With that feature, you’re able to control all features of your bubblewall using your SmartPhone!

550wm bubbling water fountain vertical

550WM – If your space is vertical, the 550WM is your best bet! It is actually our newest bubblewall model, and it’s dimensions are 45” (H) x 21” (W) x 1.5” (D). This is an incredibly low-profile bubbling water fountain, and it is also lightweight. Check out this video for a closer look, and to really see how our bubblewalls look in action!

bubble panel

450SP – This bubbling water fountain is perfect if you’re looking for a more customizable unit. With the 450SP or the 400SP, you can install the bubble panel into a wall opening, frame, or stand. If you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects, this would make a great project for you! Be sure to send us photos once your bubblewall has been installed the way you like it!

Which of these three bubblewalls is your favorite? If you’re looking for something a little different, feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll help you choose the perfect bubbling water fountain!