There are several advantages to having a bubble fountain in your home or office, and if you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re trying to find out exactly why you need one. We’re here to help! While you could always check out our reviews and testimonials to see how pleased our customers are with their bubble fountains, we thought it may help if we ran through the top five reasons that you need a bubble fountain!

  1. They are incredibly relaxing! A lot of our customers purchase our bubble fountains to help them relieve stress. It also helps them to add Zen to their space, and create a calm and tranquil environment. This would not only benefit you in your home, but in your office, as well! Especially, if you’re in a particularly stressful career field.
  2. Our bubble fountains are great for adding a little more light to a room! Sure, you could always add a table lamp, but a bubble fountain has color changing, LED lights. With some of our bubble fountain models, you can even control the lights from an app on your SmartPhone!
  3. They can act as a humidifier! This is especially useful during winter months when the air is drier, but you will still benefit all year round. Bubble fountains help add moisture to the air, which can help with sore throats, dry eyes, and dry, itchy skin.
  4. They’re also similar to air purifiers! What this means, is that your bubble fountain will produce negative ions, and will help to remove irritants, such as dust, from the air. While you could always purchase an actual air purifier, you will likely see that it doesn’t tend to be as much of a decorative piece, and you may want to put it away when you have guests over. However, your guests would love gazing at your bubble fountain!
  5. Bubble fountains create white noise! Some people find that white noise helps them fall asleep more easily, and if you have little ones, you may find that they enjoy the sound of your bubble fountain, as well!

If you already have a bubble fountain, feel free to chime in, in the comment section below! What do you love most about yours?