Adding Zen to interior design is becoming more and more widespread, and is a modern trend. While “Zen” isn’t an actual design style, it is commonly associated with minimalism and simplicity. If this is a style you’re into, we’ve put together five steps to creating a tranquil and serene environment in your home!

  1. Keep your furniture simple and natural. Zen and minimalistic furniture tend to have simple and clear lines. There usually is not much complicated detail to the furniture, and it is commonly made of natural materials.
  2. Add natural scents to the room. You can do this with essential oils, green plants, or soy candles. These are all natural ways to add fresh scents to your home, and certain scents can be incredibly calming and relaxing.
  3. Eliminate clutter and keep accessories to a minimum. Try your best to clear as many items from your home as possible, and only keep the ones that you absolutely need and bring you comfort.
  4. Incorporate earth elements. This can either be done with earth-toned paint colors, adding terrariums, or adding some type of indoor water feature. If you’re looking for a bubbling water fountain to keep inside your home, we recommend our 300WM bubble panel.
  5. Use soft, natural light. Instead of using florescent lightning, try incorporating wall-mounted reading lights or candle light. You could even use scented candles in a natural scent, as mentioned above. This will not only create a soothing scent, but will provide light, as well.

What do you do to make your home feel more peaceful? Have you tried incorporating any of these ideas? Leave a comment below!