“How do you make a bubble wall?” is one of the most common questions we receive at Bubblewall.com. We have spent a great deal of time testing and perfecting our products, and while we would prefer not to go too far into specifics, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a glimpse into what goes into designing and creating our bubble walls!

Hundreds of hours have been spent designing and prototyping our various bubble wall models. With each of our bubble wall designs, we start with the intention of creating a functional bubble water feature, as well as a spectacular piece of décor for your home or business! We strive for designs that include premium quality materials and amazing features, like LED lighting and a remote control.

All of our bubble walls are handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio. We believe in using the finest materials available on the market, and we use specialized computer software to design each component of our bubble fountains. This ensures top quality fit, finish, and performance of our bubble wall panels. Once we have our premium materials, we assemble our bubble wall tanks, stands, and frames by hand.

We create our bubble wall panels from UV resistant, high impact, 100% acrylic sheet. These are safer, lighter, and many times stronger than glass. We make sure to use the best acrylic panels available in the industry, and that is why our panels are so durable. As far as our frames go, we use only premium-grade architectural aluminum, PVC, and acrylics.

Our bubble aerator wands are handcrafted with a specially designed material. This material creates beautiful infusions of bubbles into our bubble fountains, and is also corrosion resistant! These bubble aerator wands are removable, which allows for easy maintenance and replacement. For more information on how to clean and replace your bubble wands, click here.

LED lighting is a feature that comes included with all of our bubble wall models. This provides high performance, low voltage, and extreme efficiency compared to all other types of bulbs available. What this means, is that there is no heat production and it is inexpensive to operate, all while generating a great light output in your bubble wall! This lighting feature comes with a remote control, allowing you to change the colors of your bubble wall on command.

Lastly, after everything is completed, we move on to prototyping and testing. With each bubble wall, thousands of hours go into this stage. Each unit is tested continuously for months in every possible condition and environment. This way, we can ensure that our bubble fountains will not only look great, but will function properly, and will continue to do so for years to come. It is very important to us that we can assure the best reliability and quality possible, so that all our customers are completely happy with their bubble wall purchases!