Alright, so maybe you don’t need an entire bar dedicated to bubble walls, but every bar definitely needs something that helps it stand out from other bars. That’s where a bubble wall can come into place. Allow me to assist you in helping you convert your basement into your very own bubble wall bar.

  1. Do you know anyone with a bubble fountain in their bar? No? Well, that’s the perfect reason for you to have one in yours! Sure, your friends may have 19 different variations of team banners and NFL memorabilia pinned up all around their basement walls, but big deal. No one has ever sat and stared at a team banner for more than two minutes. Besides, you can set your bubbling water fountain to be whatever color you want. Including the colors of your favorite sports team!
  2. Every awesome basement bar has special lighting effects. With an LED bubble wall panel, you can set the LED lights to flash off and on. You can even control the speed of the flashing. This is almost like having a strobe light in your basement. Only your strobe light will be even better, because it will be colored, have bubbles in it, and you’ll be able to control it from an app on your cell phone.
  3. It’s the perfect conversation starter. Maybe you’re inviting over a lot of people, and some of them don’t know each other. Rather than having them awkwardly stare at each other and try to think of something to talk about, they can talk about how mesmerized they are by your bubble fountain and how much they wish they had one of their own.

There are other reasons that a bubble wall fountain would be a great addition to your basement bar or game room, but rather than spoil all the fun, we’ll let you find out for yourselves!