1. Top off your bubble fountain regularly to maintain optimum water level.
  2. Be sure to keep the plastic insert secured to prevent evaporation.
  3. Check the airline connections regularly to inspect for leaks or loosening tubes.
  4. To clean, wipe down your bubble panel with a damp, soft towel.
  5. Never use abrasive cleaners or glass cleaners.
  6. If bubble output becomes clogged, drain the tank and remove the bubble wand tube from the tank by pulling the wand straight out and away from the tank.
  7. Wand output holes may be cleaned with a tooth brush.
  8. Do not to use metal brushes, picks, needles, etc., to clean your bubble wand, as they could cause damage.
  9. To re-insert bubble wand, lubricate with soapy water and slide it back into place.
  10. Replacement parts may be purchased here on our website.
If you’ve come up with any other tips and tricks for cleaning or maintaining your bubble wall, we would love to hear them! Visit us on Facebook and let us know what is working best for you.