Modern décor is on the rise! Whether you’re looking to completely redecorate your home, or are just looking to add a few modern pieces to your existing décor, we have some tips for you!

  • Integrate new trends into your décor! You’re always updating your wardrobe, so it’s important to do that with your home, as well. You could add a few new pops of color, a pattern, or a metallic side table.
  • Add silver accents. Metal touches help to give your home a cool, sophisticated air.
  • Natural elements are a great way to make a room feel chic and modern. You could do this by adding wood pieces, water elements, or even a couple houseplants.

One way that you could incorporate all of these tips, is by adding a bubble wall to your room! We have bubble walls for sale here on our website. Our 500WM comes in both black and silver frames, but for a more modern look, we would recommend the silver bubble wall panel. You can also control it from an app on your cell phone, and make the LED lights on your bubble wall any color you’d like!

What are some things you’ve done to make your home feel a little more modern? Are you a fan of the modern trend, or do you prefer a different style of décor? Let us know in the comments below!