How A Custom Bubble Wall Can Help You Attract Customers At Your Next Trade Show

Building brand awareness, developing relationships, and generating leads are all common goals that business owners have when attending trade shows. However, it is nearly impossible to achieve any of these goals if you’re unable to attract a crowd at your booth.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to attract customers, is by doing something to stand out from the crowd. Our DIY water bubble panels can help you do exactly that!

Custom Bubble Panel DIY Bubble Wall

Our 400SP and 450SP are both DIY/custom units, and would be perfect for a tradeshow! Each of them come with a bubble panel, air pump, and LED lighting set with remote control. It’s up to you how you choose to install it, whether that be into a custom frame or stand. Either way, these bubbling water fountains tend to catch the eye of passerby’s, and should certainly help you attract more customers.

Are you looking for a little more customization? You can also add custom engraving to any bubble panel purchase! All you need to do is email your logo or design to us at From there, we will use our advanced CNC technology to prepare your design and engrave it onto your bubble water wall! If you’d like a little further explanation, check out this video to see just how simple it is!

If you’ve used one of our bubble walls at a trade show, leave a comment below! As always, we love to see pictures, so if you’ve taken any at a trade show, feel free to send those over, as well!