Bubble Panel for DIY / Custom Bubble Wall Installation 40" 400SP

  • DIY Bubble Wall Panel Model 400SP
  • Custom Bubble Panel Installed in Living Room Wall
  • DIY Bubble Wall Without Stand Or Base
  • Air Pump For Water Bubble Wall
  • 12v Power Supply for Bubble Wall Panel
  • Wireless Remote Control for LED Bubble Wall
  • Custom Bubble Panel Model 400SP

This bubble wall unit is perfect for the DIY (do-it-yourself) or Custom water feature installer!

You get a completely functional bubble wall panel including the air pump, and LED lighting set with remote control

Does not include any base stand, mounting brackets, hardware, etc.

Can be custom installed into a wall opening, frame, or stand.

Unit is clear to see through from both sides

Basic Features:

40.5"(H) x 19.25"(W) x .75"(D)

Clear, 100% acrylic bubble panel tank with bubble wand and one-way valve pre-installed

High performance air pump with 2' of extra air line tubing.

LED Color Changing Lighting with Wireless Remote Control (Hundreds of color choices!)

LED power Supply

Approximately 2 gallon capacity

Hand crafted with premium materials in the USA


This Video is of a similar panel with the same lighting and bubble wand units, this unit does not include the wall mount base.