Bubble Panel With Custom Logo

A significant portion of our customers are business owners, whether they be owners of spas, salons, or dental offices. Often times, when they purchase one of our bubble panels, they choose the option of having a custom logo engraved on the front. We think this is such a great idea! If you’re a business owner who is on the fence about whether or not you need a custom logo, we’ve come up with a list that highlights some of the biggest advantages to including your logo on your unit!

Bubble Wall With Custom Logo

Branding – A custom logo is the perfect way to make the bubble panel truly your own! Even if your customers have seen a bubble panel before, they certainly haven’t witnessed a custom unit with your logo on it. If you attend tradeshows, this could be even more beneficial, and will most likely help in attracting more people to your booth.

Aesthetic Value – Don’t get us wrong, a bubble panel is extremely pleasing to the eye even without a logo! However, having a custom design etched into the front of it only makes the unit even more mesmerizing. Picture your logo with bright, color-changing lights behind it, along with fast-moving bubbles. That’s exactly what you’ll see, if you choose to add a logo!

Make Them Remember You – It’s likely that your bubble panel will be in a place that your customers will have to pass when entering and exiting your business. It will be one of the first things they see when they arrive, and one of the last things they see as they’re leaving. Seeing your logo is a great way to make a lasting impression, and make them remember why they’ve chosen to do business with you!

Custom Bubble Panel

You have the option of adding a custom logo to any of our bubble walls, and we make it incredibly easy to do so! All you’ll need to do is send us your logo in .dxf format, and we will send you a proof before etching it in, to verify that it looks exactly how you want!