bubbling water fountain over couch

We offer a few different wall-mounted bubbling water fountains, including the 300WM, 500WM, and the 550WM. Since all of these models are different sizes, and some of them have different frame colors, choosing a specific model may be easy for you. However, what you may be finding difficulty with, is decided where you want to mount your bubbling water fountain. We’re here to help with a few suggestions!

bubbling water fountain built in wall

Office – This could be either your home office, or your office at work. Our bubbling water fountains add Zen to any space, and are known for making people feel relaxed. This could be especially useful if you work in an environment that can be stressful at times. On the other hand, even if your job isn’t stressful at all, who wouldn’t benefit from feeling a little more calm?

Bedroom – All of our bubbling water fountains contain LED lights, which is perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of light to a room! What makes these lights special, is the fact that you can control them with an included remote control or a smartphone app. You can make the lights any color you wish, and there are even a few different lighting effects that you can adjust.

Game Room – A bubbling water fountain would make an incredible addition to a game room! Not only that, but it is a piece of home décor that would definitely become a focal point, and quite possibly, a major conversation starter. It is likely that your guests have never seen a bubbling water fountain before, and will be quite intrigued once they see yours.

These are just a few of our favorite ideas! You really can’t go wrong with a bubbling water fountain, as they would look great in any room, including living rooms, bathrooms, and basement bars. If you’re a salon, spa, or business owner, they make a wonderful addition there, as well. You can even add your custom logo to the front of the bubble panel!

Where do you have your bubbling water fountain mounted?!