1. You remember what life was like as a kid. Stressful, right? While they may never have the chance to have an actual waterfall in their bedroom, what they can have is an indoor water bubble wall. Bubble walls have been known to have calming and soothing effects on children, as well as adults.
  2. They can double as a nightlight! Who needs a boring, old nightlight, when you can have an LED bubble wall, with the option to change it to nearly any color you could imagine? Not only that, but you can even set it to change colors!
  3. They will (probably) be one of the first out of their friends to have one! Surely, you remember how important it was that you had the newest, most exclusive gadget when you were a kid. It’s even more important to kids today!
  4. Does your child prefer falling asleep to white noise? Ditch their noise machine. They’ll be happy to fall asleep to the tranquil sound of bubbling water with an indoor bubble wall, turning their bedroom into their own, personal sanctuary.
  5. You can enjoy it, too! Nothing is better than a gift you can share with your kids. Especially one that creates so much zen, and provides such great benefits to both of you.