Have you started your holiday shopping yet? It’s never too early! Whether you have an infant, a school-aged child, or a teenager, a bubble panel would make the perfect Christmas gift!

  1. Infants have crying spells, toddlers throw tantrums, older children and teenagers get stressed out. A bubble water wall can help with all of these problems! Watching the dancing bubbles in your bubble panel can be enough to soothe most children, and if that’s not enough, there’s also the soothing sounds the bubble panel makes as the water flows through it.
  2. Did you have a lava lamp when you were a kid? We like to think that bubble panels are a more modernized version of that. Not only will your child enjoy it, but it will also help bring back that nostalgia of when you were a kid!
  3. All of our bubble panels have an LED lightning system with a remote control. It may be that your child enjoys using it as a nightlight, or they may enjoy creating their own custom colors. Either way, the LED lights are a feature that children of all ages enjoy!

What other items are at the top of your children’s holiday wish lists? Let us know in the comments below!