Chart Showing Differences Between Bubble Fountain And Water Bubbler


If you were to ask us, we would say that the phrase “bubble wall” is synonymous with “bubble fountain.” We know that our customers refer to our product as many different names, including bubble fountain, but we also know that there are other products out there that call themselves the same thing. We wanted to do what we could to help differentiate the two.

Bubble Fountain With Blue LED Lights In A Living Room Above A CouchFirst, we will start with our product. A bubble wall is a clear, acrylic panel that requires very little maintenance and displays a magical flow of bubbles dancing to the water’s surface. Our bubble walls are often used as a calming, tranquil centerpiece that helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Another big difference between our bubble wall and what is typically referred to as a “bubble fountain,” is that our product contains color changing, LED lighting, which is not only mesmerizing to the eye, but is also energy efficient. Our bubble wall fountains include a bubble panel, base stand, RGB LED color changing lighting with a wireless remote control, and an air pump.


Water Bubbler With Rocks

Here is an image of what you may find if you search the web for a bubble fountain. They are sometimes called a “water bubbler,” “bubbling sculpture,” or “garden fountain,” and are generally created out of concrete, cast stone, resin, and/or slate rock. They contain a water pump and are designed for outdoor use only.  

We hope this helped to clear up any confusion! The two products are similar in that they both contain bubbling water features, but as you can see, they have a lot of differences!