The Hardest Thing About Having A Bubble Water Wall

If you haven’t figured out what it is yet, try reading the title of this post out loud. Now, try saying “bubble water wall” five times fast. Owning a bubble water wall means that you will have to tell your friends and family what it is called when they ask, and that is easily the hardest part about having one. In fact, bubble water walls are very easy to install and there is a model that suits everyone.

Floor Standing Bubble Wall For Children

Children may prefer our smaller model, the 200FS It’s perfect for placing on top of a table, desk, or nightstand. Some even find that it works great as a nightlight. With all of our models, you’re able to control the color of the bubble water wall and even change it to fade between colors, which is another feature that kids enjoy. Not to mention the soothing and relaxing atmosphere it creates, helping your little ones fall asleep quicker at bedtime.

Wall Mounted Bubble Fountain For Game Room

Or maybe you’re an adult with a game room, or looking to create more zen in a secluded part of your home. Our 500WM bubble water wall is a great option for that.  This model comes in our aluminum frame, as well as our black frame, so you’re able to choose the one that best matches your home décor. Not only will your bubble water wall will be a great conversation starter, but it can also help to relax and entertain any guests you have over.

Floor Standing Bubble Wall For Business

Do you own a business or attend trade shows? Our 600LE would be the best option for you. This is our floor standing unit, and with it’s size, you’re sure to catch the attention of your current customers, as well as attract new ones. You also have the option of having your logo engraved on the panel to better customize it for your business.

We hope you’re able to find a bubble wall that is perfect for you and your home or business! If you need any help choosing one that best suits your needs, feel free to reach out to us!