Decorated Room With A Bubblewall

Bubble fountains can be an incredibly beautiful and unique addition to any space, but sometimes it can be a challenge to figure out how to decorate the space around it. Regardless of whether you’re going for a modern feel or a more Zen-inspired feel, we have a few suggestions that we think will help. Feel free to add your ideas and suggestions in the comments below, as we’re always looking for inspiration!

Lamp With Silver Accents

Silver Accents – Although you have the option of purchasing a couple of our bubble fountains with a black frame, all of them come with a silver frame. Adding silver accent pieces is a great way to tie your bubble fountain in with the rest of the room. This can be done through lamps, mirrors, curtain rods, coffee table trays, you name it! Silver accents are extremely popular, and you can find almost anything in a silver finish!

Aloe Houseplant

Houseplants – If you’re going for more of a Zen-filled vibe, you’ll want to add some greenery to your space. If you’re more into houseplants that are low-maintenance, we recommend aloe, bromeliads, jade, pothos, or a philodendron! If you’re more of a green thumb, feel free to add something a little more high-maintenance. Any type of houseplant will look amazing next to your bubble fountain!

Items To Help You Relax

Relaxation Items – Bubble fountains help to relieve anxiety and create a feeling of serenity. To add to this relaxing sensation, bring other items that tend to make you feel like you’re in a more tranquil atmosphere. This could be books, a sound machine, aromatherapy, or scented candles. Anything that helps to make you feel calm would pair nicely with a bubble fountain.

How have you decided to decorate the space around your bubble fountain? We’d love to see photos! If you have them, feel free to send them to us on Facebook, or if you use Instagram, tag your photos with #bubblewall and we’ll keep an eye out for it. We’re always looking for customer photos to feature across our social media channels!