You spend a lot of time in your home, so it is important that you feel relaxed and at peace while you’re there. After all, stress is linked to depression, weight gain, and bad digestion, to name a few things. There are places that you may not have much control over, such as your workplace, traffic, or the place you eat lunch, but you have complete control over the amount of Zen you have at home. We’ve put together five ways for you to add Zen to your home, and increase your sense of serenity.

    1. Add earthy, natural colors, such as white, gray, or beige. These colors have the power to reduce stress, and induce a feeling of relaxation. They are also warm and comforting, and won’t look outdated when color trends change.
    2. De-clutter your space. Few things make a room more stressful than when it is cluttered and full of unnecessary items. Make sure all of your belongings have a place, and maybe you’ll even find that there are things you no longer need and can donate or throw out.
    3. Adjust the lighting. Harsh lighting can cause headaches, but warmer light has a tendency to be more soothing. You can use halogen bulbs, or use fluorescent lighting with a shade that helps to dim the lighting.
    4. Symmetry in the room helps create balance. According to psychology, we like balanced, symmetrical designs, because they keep the amount of information that our brains need to process to a minimum. Because this makes the designs easier for us to understand, we also find them more aesthetically pleasing.  
    5. Incorporating plants or water elements can help to calm you down and make for a more tranquil environment. These things help to create the feeling of being outdoors. You could add low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, or if you’re looking to add in a bubble water feature, you could incorporate one of our bubble fountains. Our 300WM model is a wall-mounted bubble panel, which would be perfect for adding Zen inside the home!

How do you add Zen to your home? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below!