Can water make you a happier person?

Numerous scientific studies have shown that being by the sea has a positive impact on mental health. Minerals in sea air reduce stress. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which improves alertness and mental energy. These same ions are also present around water features. Furthermore, salt in the water preserves tryptamine, serotonin, and melatonin, which aid in diminishing depression, improved sleep, and boosting feelings of well-being.

Even just the sound of water has positive effects on our mental health. There is a long history of water sounds being used in meditation to create a soothing atmosphere for our minds. Science suggests that the rhythm of ocean waves and tides coming in and out can affect the rhythm of the neurons and the waves in our brain, encouraging both and relaxation a more peaceful pace of thought.

White noise, such as ocean waves, water features etc., is defined as noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Studies have found when the brain hears white noise, we can hear any number of things and we are able to relax, let go of our thoughts and let the noise wash over us. If you add white noise to meditation you can more easily be present in the moment and directly experience things as they are.

One of the most natural reactions our brain has when we see the ocean, a lake or waterfall is the feeling of awe. The beauty and vastness of the natural scene has a great impact on the way we feel. Science has even found that such feelings can lead to selflessness, kindness, and generosity.

Making water a part of your routine

Unfortunately, most of us don’t live near the ocean so we aren’t just a quick drive away from a mental boost. But there are several ways we can work the powers of water into our daily lives no matter how busy we are.

You can invest in a water feature for your home or office. The sound can help to block out aggravating noises like traffic, and it’s a great visual that will give you the impression of being around water.

Listen to the sounds of water before bed. Whether you install a bubblewall, buy a CD with the natural sounds of water, or get a white noise machine; hearing these sounds before bed will help you relax and get a better night’s sleep. You’ll invite those feelings of awe that can improve your well-being and make you a more positive person.

Everyone tends to focus exclusively on the physical health benefits of drinking plenty of water, but with all of the benefits it’s amazing how much we overlook the impact water can have on our state of mind.