Water Features like bubble walls and fountains can calm the mind, but why is that? Many Doctors recommend listening to natural sounds like running water to help ease stress and relax, but what causes this feeling and does it have a positive effect on our mental and physical health? The concept is pretty subjective, so there may not be any specific answers, but in asking around I have heard some interesting opinions.

  • Natural sounds are deeply rooted in our minds from a time when we did not have so many distractions like television, traffic, and yes, ipads! This creates a home-like feeling by reminding us of our integral bond with these natural elements.
  • We have an instinctual connection to water, as many believe we were all there in the beginnings of life on earth, appealing to our most primitive senses.
  • The water provides a type of "white noise" often used in many cultures for meditation - allowing the subject to immerse their thoughts in relaxation and focus. 
  • We all come from a womb where we feel safe and protected in water, often the sound of running water is used to help babies relax and sleep

Whatever the reason may be, the unmistakeable sight and sound of water induces a positive, tranquil feeling in many people, and allows for a peaceful time of reflection for all of us! What are your thoughts?

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