Replacement Air Pump + BW1 Bubble Wand Combo 1 for 400 and 600 units - Free Shipping

  • Bubble Wall Pump With BW 1 Wand
  • Replacement Part For Bubble Panel Water Wall

Replacement pump and bubble wand for 400 and 600 series bubble wall units purchased after 7/1/2015

Renew the performance of your bubble wall unit with these replacement high performance parts!

Pump Features:

Quiet yet powerful deep water pump

Dual output pump with high pressure valves

Adjustable aerator output with pressure dial

Integrated air filter

Bubble Wand Features:

For 7 channel bubble wall units sold after 7/1/2015 only

Comes with new tubing and one-way valve preinstalled

Instructions included for fast and easy replacement of the bubble wand in your tank

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