Large Floor Standing LED Bubble Wall Indoor Fountain Water Feature 600FS 68"

  • Large Blue Floor Standing Bubble Wall Model 600FS
  • Large Bubble Panel With Neon Blue LED Lights
  • Huge Floor Standing Bubbling Indoor Water Wall
  • Bubbling Water Fountain With Blue Lights
  • 600FS Bubble Wall

 One of our Most Popular Water Features - the 600FS Towers at nearly six feet tall!

Experience Zen as you watch streams of illuminated bubbles dance continuously through water-filled chambers via concealed air pump and LED lights hidden in the enclosure!  Control the colors, brightness and pattern of the lighting with the included wireless remote.  Our bubble walls are made of the highest quality materials, not only to ensure the best looking fountain, but also so the panel will provide years of enjoyment while requiring very little maintenance.

Large Indoor Bubble Wall Panel / Water Feature / Fountain

Floor Standing Unit - 68" (H) x 21" (W) x 16" (D) at base

RGB LED Lighting - Changes Color with a Press of a Button on the Included Wireless Remote Control

Capacity approximately 2 Gallons

Hand Crafted in the USA 

What is the Difference between our bubble wall fountains and others you will find around the web?

Unlike many of the Chinese-imported fountains (which are not serviceable), our bubble wall fountains are made with 100% serviceable and/or replaceable parts for years of enjoyment!